Sunday, June 27, 2010

Au Natural

My hair flat ironed
 Hair on Tues. blown out

damaged ends

out the shower

I cut my hair today. Inspired by Chisellecouture on youtube. What do you think?
I've been natural (no perm, no chemicals) for 4 years now. Over time my hair has gone from really healthy to well what it looked like pre-cut. I'm trying to grow my hair super long like middle of my back long. Don't think it's possible, check this lady out. She's a natural too.


I am soo proud of my homeland Ghana for kicking some USA butt for the World Cup. We are Ghana Black Stars, we've come soo far.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Though you are far away...

A year ago we lost you, a year later we still miss you. Rest in peace Michael.

(Pause player at the top)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's a girl to do?

The time is drawing closer and closer for me to make a final decision and pick a career. The good thing is Ive finally decided I want to be a nurse. The hard part is deciding what kind of nurse I want to be or what level of nursing I want to go to school for. You see, there is a huge demand for nurses because of the shortage, but people are realising that they can hire an LPN to do the work of an RN without paying the RN salary. It's worped but genious in a twisted cruel brilliant way. On the plus side it means alot of LPN jobs, on the negative what's an RN to do?

What's my beef you say? Well as potential nursing student, I cant decide whether I should join the bandwagon and jump on the LPN (Licensed practical nurse) train for the sake of landing a permanent full time job right after school or go all the way and be an RN and have that security knowing that my skills will be recognised and wanted whereever I go. Hmmm.... it's all about time and money with me.

I don't know I think I should think about it more.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This is the most recent picture of me, taken two weeks ago. The first photo is regular me, and the second is of what I would look like 41lbs lighter.

Lol, i dont see much of a difference either.


A long battle to win

I used the My virtual model simulator to create my avatar. Basically from what I look like now (kinda) to what my goal weight is going to be.

Current weight 255lbs

At 200lbs
Goal weight by 11/26/11 150lbs
Final goal weight 136-130lbs

According to the BMI calculator based on my height 5'6 my ideal weight is 136lbs. But I should definately stay in the 130-154lbs range in order for me to have a healthy body weight. Well Im definately not in that range, from my calculation in very obese or morbid (how tragic). I have a long way to go. A long battle to win.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I dont even know what I'm mad about really. I'm just soooo pissed, and everyone is getting on my nerves. First people eat up all the food in my house and I get blamed for it. And second, I'm cramping like a mutha and nothing is making me happy. I'm sitting here eating this chocolate bar and it's providing me with temporary joy, but that's pissing me off even more because I know I shouldn't be eating this crap.

This week has been one for the books for real. I started the week happy and over the moon because my country won it's first game in this year's World Cup. And then it started to go down hill, first with an interview I had two days again that I f*cked up. Urrghh, and now I'm pmsing HARD, hungry, and bored.

Urrrghhh, Lord help me deal with my hormones and help me to not lash out at anyone that I'm gonna regret later.

What a week.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This morning my country won they're first game against Serbia in The Fifa World Cup 2010.
So yea, I'm gonna show off alittle.

Be Blessed.

(captured by Getty Images)